Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

The service of simultaneous translation, also known as simultaneous interpretation, consists of works in which a speaker in a speech, congress, lecture or other form of verbal communication, is translated simultaneously for the listening audience.


Usually, the interpreter is placed inside an acoustically isolated booth and his/her interpreting is transmitted to the listeners through transmitters and receivers with headphones.


Simultaneous interpretation is essential on occasions when there is the presence of people from different places, origins and who speak different languages.


This service allows the speaker to deliver his/her presentation without constant pauses and interruptions. The duration of the events can vary from 40 minutes to several days, depending on the type and characteristics of the demand.

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Check List for Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Number of participants
  • Number of interpreters
  • Date and time
  • Event duration
  • Audio and Sound Equipment

We provide all the equipment for simultaneous translation, with solutions to attend small, medium and large events, throughout national territory.


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