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Technical Review

As much as a review can be done on your own, short deadlines, lack of language training and experience in services of this type can compromise the final quality. With that in mind, Foco Traduções presents a great facilitator, capable of optimizing their time and providing high quality.


This service is widely used for the translation of scientific articles, meeting minutes, package inserts, restaurant menus, catalogs, agreements/contracts, e-learning, emails, technical sheets, folders, games, newspapers, installation, maintenance and operation manuals, user manuals, technical manuals, technical standards, news, press releases, magazines, systems, software, training, websites, among others. To participate in technical translation projects, we form teams according to the profile of the material to be translated.

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We offer the best professionals for the development of technical review services, always with quality and punctuality. In addition to the technical knowledge to perform the service, the reviewer has the perception of what the author wants to express, as the review is a detailed analysis of the general context.


They focus on finding typos, punctuation, accentuation, spelling and other grammatical problems, while performing a thorough analysis of the text, verifying that the revision is compatible with its purpose. This includes, depending on the service’s requirements, the comparison of original and final texts to verify terminological equality, linguistic registration, style, syntax, grammar and general transmission of the content of a text.

Any types of documents, in the area of humanities or exact sciences, can be requested to undergo a technical review, such as:

  • Letters and technical reports;
  • Final papers, monographs, master’s dissertations and doctoral theses;
  • Scientific articles;
  • Websites;
  • Books.

 We work with services in Portuguese (respecting the new orthography) and in other languages, making use of grammatical, spelling, syntactic and semantic optimization corrections and adjustments.

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