technical translation

Technical Translation

The technical translation service covers aspects of the most diverse areas of specialization, from a technical or scientific point of view, involving research on grammar, lexical cohesion, phraseology, terminology and glossary development, aiming at the standardization of the text and the creation of a database for future related projects.


This service is widely used for the translation of scientific articles, meeting minutes, package inserts, restaurant menus, catalogs, agreements/contracts, e-learning, emails, technical sheets, folders, games, newspapers, installation, maintenance and operation manuals, user manuals, technical manuals, technical standards, news, press releases, magazines, systems, software, training, websites, among others. To participate in technical translation projects, we form teams according to the profile of the material to be translated.


Currently, we have several translators and proofreaders, who work on translation projects exclusively to FOCO Translations.

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Steps of technical translation

  • Technical Translation: Made by a native technical translator of the target language, with training in the area of translation or equivalent and who has experience in the technical area of the material to be translated.
  • Technical or Scientific Review: Made by a technical or scientific reviewer, who will ensure that the technical terms used in the translation are correct and that there are no errors in translation, typing, verbal and/or grammatical agreement, among other items.
  • Reading Test: Final check of all material before sending to customer.

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