Voice over and Subtitling

Voice over and Subtitling

Voice over and subtitling services consist of translation by audio overlay and/or subtitles, respectively.


All voice over and subtitling services require particular attention in each sentence and in each sense, for example: A sentence in English, translated into Portuguese, can be much longer or much shorter in its pronunciation, so it must be adapted according to its meaning and, mainly, according to the time in which it is said, so that there is no loss of sync. This is for both services, both Voice Over and Subtitling.

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This service is an interpretation whose lines, duly adjusted, are composed of words that allow perfect synchronism with the lip articulation of the pronunciation of the original texts. In this modality, the translator needs to be free to use some synonyms instead of being rigidly attached to the words used in the original language.


We have a great team of professionals who perform Voice Over and Subtitling Services and ensure the adequacy of the voice to the character’s physical type, in addition to precise lip synchronization and adequate interpretation. We also sounded the video with instrumental tracks and sound effects. 


Subtitling consists of inserting subtitles in corporate videos, mainly in training and product and service demonstrations. Subtitles must be in accordance with the time of speech in the audio and, therefore, have as a fundamental aspect the adequacy of sense/time.

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