consecutive interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive translation service, also known as consecutive interpreting, is a type of translation dividing a person’s speech into segments of several seconds or minutes to be translated consecutively. While the speaker is speaking, the interpreter takes notes and, after a certain time, the speaker pauses his speech so that the translator can communicate what has been said so far.


Therefore, the consecutive translation service takes almost twice as long as simultaneous translation. On the other hand, consecutive translations have a higher accuracy scale than simultaneous translation.


This service is very common in small business meetings, visits, lectures, video or audio conferences.

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To request a price quotation for consecutive translation you need:


  • The company name and event location;
  • Address, City, State and ZIP code of the event’s place;
  • The source language and the target language;
  • Number of participants;
  • Number of interpreters;
  • Event start and end date/time.

As in any meeting, a closed environment is recommended, with good viewing, good acoustics and allowing participants to easily interact with the speaker. If, by chance, the contracting party needs to use microphones, a small technical structure is needed to meet the needs of the event.

Request your quotation, we will be happy to assist you.

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